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Mita Seimenjo

Mita Seimenjo

Self-made thick noodles with richly pork bone and fish stock soup. It is absolutely superb.

Our "pork bone and fish stock soup" has rich and full bodied flavour of pork bone and fish stock through the process of slow cooking. Our "self-made thick noodles", made of selected wheat flour, have a fresh scent, chewy texture, and go well with this rich dipping soup. You can choose the size from “Regular, Medium and Large” all for the same prices.


Strong, chewy body and the fresh flavour of our self-made thick noodles.

Our "self-made thick noodles" mixed few different types of selected wheat flours. Adjusting the hydrolysis rate and boiling time depending on a temperature and humidity every day. The process of cooling noodles with ice makes the noodles more smooth, chewy textured, and it brings full bodied taste into it.

Slowly stewed rich pork bone and fish stock soup.

Our original dipping soup which has rich and tasty flovor comes from pork bone and fish stock, mixes highly selected food materials. This soup always serves with the best quality means it made as a fresh every day passing through slow cooking process and there are no compromises. Please enjoy our best work.



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